Quick help from www.QuickSpay.com

From: ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2007:

Letters to the Editor

We have launched <www.QuickSpay.com> to discuss and demonstrate sterilization technique for dogs, cats and bunnies of all ages, using the QuickSpay method developed by Marvin Mackie, DVM, of Animal Birth Control Clinics, Inc. in Southern California.
A goal of <www.quickspay.com> is to highlight and link to animal birth control projects all over the world, and provide educational material on this subject in as many languages as possible. We encourage visitors to write us about their efforts and send links to articles, statistics or events regarding pet overpopulation and sterilization programs everywhere.  
The website also offers Dr. Mackie’s videos in DVD format on sterilization techniques and related subjects free of charge––just send a suitable self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage for return mailing.
We link to <www.AnimalPeopleNews.org> to download the video QuickSpay either in English, or in Spanish translation, Castracion Rapida.

More than 5,000 copies of these videos have been distributed worldwide, through the efforts of Animal Issues Movement, ANIMAL PEOPLE, and Esther Mechler of SpayUSA.
––Phyllis M. Daugherty, director
Animal Issues Movement
420 N. Bonnie Brae St.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone: 213-413-SPAY