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  • SCROTAL CASTRATION & THE USE OF EPINEPHRINE – A comprehensive introduction and instruction on performing neuters (castrations) on young and adult male dogs by scrotal incision and extraction.  Four surgeries filmed from different angles provide a complete demonstration of the benefits of the “Mackie Method” for both students and experienced veterinarians. 


  • HOW TO START AND OPERATE A SUCCESSFUL LOW-COST SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC -  The basics shared by the owner-founder of four Animal Birth Control Clinics in Southern California over the past thirty years.  Dr. Mackie takes us on a walk-through of his clinic and explains all the considerations involved in planning and maintaining a viable clinic, whether in a shelter or as a private enterprise.

If you are a veterinarian, student, or work with a shelter, humane society or animal rescue group and/or if you are interested in establishing and maintaining a successful spay/neuter clinic in your community, you may obtain both of these DVD’s, along with “QuickSpay” (which demonstrates Dr. Mackie’s surgical techniques for early-age and adult sterilization) free of charge.   

Just provide us with a self-addressed, padded or reinforced envelope of an appropriate size for DVD’s and sufficient postage for return of as many DVD’s as you order.  Please use regular stampsUSPS will not accept dated postage-meter strips.  Place your address also as the return address.  

Send the envelope to: 

                                                c/o Animal Issues Movement
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"Establishing a Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic"