“QuickSpay” DVD’s and this website are funded by Animal Issues Movement*.  Animal Issues Movement (AIM) is a California not-for-profit corporation, formed in 1992, dedicated to providing educational services regarding pet overpopulation issues, anti-cruelty efforts, and responsible animal care.  
AIM is committed to assisting animal sheltering agencies in efforts to improve services to animals and humans who share their lives with them or are affected by them. 

AIM is an all-volunteer organization.  There is no charge for our films.  We ask only that a self-addressed, stamped, padded envelope be included with the request. 

Donations to help us continue sending “QuickSpay” and  DVD’s on spay/neuter and other subjects (see Downloads) may be directed through PayPal or sent to:

Animal Issues Movement
420 N. Bonnie Brae Street
Los Angeles, CA  90026

*Checks should be made out to Animal Issues Movement, with “QuickSpay” noted at the bottom.