In 2005, Dr. W. Marvin Mackie of Animal Birth Control clinics in Southern California,  demonstrated in a DVD called QuickSpay”, his high-volume surgical pet sterilization techniques developed while operating low-cost spay/neuter clinics since 1976.  Over 5,000 copies of “QuickSpay” have been distributed free of charge to veterinarians all over the world for adaptation to their personal practices.  A Spanish-language version is available also.

Realizing the critical need for humane pet overpopulation control and inspired by the work of world-renown veterinarian Dr. Leo Lieberman, in 1988 Dr. Mackie began focusing and perfecting his “QuickSpay” technique to allow the safe spay/neuter of dogs and cats as young as eight weeks—before the age where they can reproduce and add to the burgeoning number of homeless pets.
In 1989, he presented this procedure in a widely distributed video showing the ease of surgery and rapid recovery of prepubescent clients.  Since then, he has made personal appearances and taught hands-on training classes on early-age spay/neuter to veterinarians throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan, Australia and Brazil and his film has been used in universities all over the world.