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TWO NEW DVDís BY DR. W. MARVIN MACKIE!!!! (Click here to read about "Scrotal Incision Castration" and "Starting a Spay/Neuter Clinic".)

“QuickSpay” (preview)

“Castraciõn Rapida” (preview)

To download “QuickSpay”  in Spanish or English, go to  www.animalpeoplenews.org
(Animal People also has an extensive library of DVD’s on subjects related to animals on their website at www.animalpeoplenews.org)

For a free copy of  “QuickSpay” (DVD, VHS or CD)  or “Castraciõn Rapida” (DVD or VHS),
send a self-addressed, padded envelope with proper postage to:

            c/o Animal Issues Movement
            420 N. Bonnie Brae Street
            Los Angeles, CA  90026

“Investigating & Prosecuting Illegal Animal Fighting” on DVD or VHS is also available to any law-enforcement agency, animal control or humane society (free of charge).